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Mother Elvira  |  Cardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn  |  Bishop Dr. Paul Iby  |  Personal Stories  | 

Dear Cardinal, I want to say thank you in the name of Mother Elvira and the Community Cenacolo.  A thank you that is born from our hearts, from pain, and also from hope. The need for salvation that all of us young people have experienced in our life, a life that was "in pieces" and cried out to a God that we did not know, that need for salvation encountered mercy.  If we are here it is only because our God is merciful.  Only the mercy of God could give hope back to our lives.
Thank you also to our brother priests, because in this house in Austria, for many years now you permit our guys to encounter truth and mercy.  When our youth discover the voice of their conscience, that cries out, because the fog of the drugs has disappeared, thanks to you they do not encounter desperation, but forgiveness: thanks to your hands and your hearts.
Thank you friends.  Ten years age we were, and we still are, a small house.  Thank you because you are our friends and living from Providence permits us your blessing.  You are worth much more than money from the state, which is to be respected, but your friendship, you hearts, your prayer, and your fidelity is worth much more.
The last thank you goes to Mary: small, but great.  She said the first yes, risking with courage.  Now she continues to give us the strength and courage to say yes.  We want to renew today, in our poverty and fragility that needs mercy everyday, our yes to God and our joy to be a Church.  Because in mercy we can announce to everyone that a man that encounters God regains hope.  Thank you!

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