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Mother Elvira – 9th September 2007 - Heiligenkreuz
The Cenacolo Community is a daily manifestation of the Resurrection miracle. These youth were on the road. They didn’t know why and for who to live: sadness, anger, violence, lies…they were tired of everything and they took drugs.
In nowadays world and families there  is no more truth. When they came to us  we immediately told them that their salvation was not the Community or the people there,but it was Jesus. So we proposed prayer to be able to live forgiveness and peace. You can have this only if we kneel before the Eucharist day and night .In our Community two youth at a time ,in turns, worship the Blessed Sacrament ,all day and night long. This allows them to understand who they are and  their confusion starts fading away before God’s light .They  weren’t aware of themselves any longer, masks hid them, but looking at Jesus they understood they were God’s children anyway! They were children of that Father rich in mercy, who doesn’t look at our sins, who doesn’t remember our bad actions .
So we started a walk, the smile walk. That’s why I invite you to smile now. Smile! Smile  at life!At our lives! We all need this, kids in particular; today they are unable to smile because their parents don’t smile. Families are dumb. Mum and dad don’t look at each other in the eyes, they don’t hug, they don’t speak  and kids don’t know why. I say this because the family originates the addict: there is so much injustice to children in the families; then those kids grow up, they become adults and take their revenge escaping from home. They are aware that their parents will suffer when they find out that their children take drugs and that is how they will make them” pay” for what they have missed. But actually the children temselves will “pay”, with lots of sorrow in their hearts and great confusion in their feelings.
So I ask you to think about the children, the teenagers: learn to smile please. A smile is the joy that Jesus put in our hearts. Nothing is impossible to God, if we ask him.
We wish to see peaceful, true and generous youth, because they are like this, this is what exists in their hearts, but they need models, they need to meet men and women full of faith, because God gave faith to everyone! Atheists don’t exist. There are only people who do just what they want and turn their backs to truth, but God seeded faith in everybody’s heart!
Sometimes these young people say to us: ”Thank you because you took us away from drugs, because you saved our lives!” But what would life have been like  without faith? Now they have understood that faith is a person, truth is a person, love is a person…they have met Jesus from Nazareth and everything has changed.
Now we can dance, sing, smile, love, forgive.

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