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Thursday 12 July 2007

Mother Elvira
Here we are again to celebrate the gift of life.
Life!  Many times we disrespect life, when we use it for our ambitions and for our pleasures!   On the contrary life is love and love is life.  When we do not live love, we live like the dead:  you have no more feelings, you forget how to smile, you loose your will, your freshness and you loose your desire to dance and sing.  When there is no love, we are dead.  Love is our life!   How can we learn to love those we do not get along with?  It is true:  it is difficult to live love, but it is worth it.  We have to learn to love one another, not in superficial way, but in truth.  We are though, affection,
Reason, will, freedom and all of this needs to tune in to the truth.
The Madonna is here with us and lives in the Eucharist with her Son.  She always passes among us discreetly, silently with humbleness.  Make this act of faith:  believe in the Madonna.  She will pass and tell you all hope to know, she will give you the answer.
We have love from deep down within us, not that love that lasts a moment, a period or when it is convenient.  This is not true love.  We are God's children and we all know that God is Love and so that we, God's children, are also love.
We are here to take on an adventure that  we don't know yet how it will unfold.  We have not tried to program the unfolding od the community because we have faith in the love that lives with in us.  This love is manifested in a person, a service, a sacrifice,  it is love that becomes celebration.  We are here and one thing is for sure:  this celebration is guided because Jesus Christ is risen and he is alive among us.  Our celebration is the Resurrection, and we can see it in your eyes, in your smile, in the expressions of the men and women that you will see dance and dance with their life and and hearts.
We want to show through our experience that Christ is risen and that are not following a dead God.  We are telling you:  Come and See!  What you will live in the next few days is a live experience.  It is all "put in the light of the sun", the truth, because when are talking about the risen Christ, about faith and love, there is nothing to fear.
Let us prepare to celebrate through the bread of life that is Jesus.  In the Eucharist that we are about to live, we began this festival of life.  Jesus is present here and he wants to heal us.  Let us give him permission to heal our minds, feelings, and life.   Let Jesus guide and heal our  body, mind, and hearts where there are still many profound wounds where we have not yet permitted ourselves to forgive ourselves.  Jesus forgives us, he takes away our anger, hate, and revenge that burdens our hearts and heals them with His love.
The Eucharist opens this Festival of life guiding us towards freedom.  Think that we are all closed in to be abused and taken advantage of and Jesus arrives and says,  "Let them be free!  Take My life instead of theirs."  During the Mass we can be freed.  When we say “free”, it is not just freedom, it is also joy, peace, forgiveness, service, a smile.  We lost our happiness because we searched for it in the material world, but these things do not give us true joy.  We discover our happiness in loving, forgiving, and in knowing how to get back on your feet when you fall.  Remember to let Jesus work within you in the Eucharist.

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