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Festival of Life 2007

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Comunità Cenacolo in Celebration
When life is victorious

Saluzzo – “Do not be afraid, I have conquered the world” was the phrase chosen to celebrate the 24th birthday of Comunità Cenacolo.  From its commencement upon its closure the Festival lived this theme to its fullest.
Calculating the four days of festivities there were easily 12,000 people present.  The big and beautiful tents welcomed faithful followers from all corners of the world: from Croatia to France, from Poland to Austria, from England to Ireland, from Italy to Brazil, Mexico, Peru and the United States.
This work that was born from the heart of Mother Elvira and began on this blessed hill July 16, 1983 now has almost 60 fraternities throughout the world.  With their presence that brought along a fresh breath of the gospel that enlightens and sparks hope in thousands of people who are broken and disheartened.
The festivities began on Thursday with a greeting from Mother Elvira followed by celebration of the Holy Mass presided by Father Pino from the Missionary Center of Charles de Foucalt, located in Cuneo.  His homily was a rich meditation on the value of tribulation lived in the light of prayer, trusting God and loving others.
Friday’s festivities opened with a talk from Father Francesco Peyron, Missionary of Consolation.  His message announced courage by answering the call of the Lord, which is to learn how to love just as Mary did.
Saturday morning started off with Eucharistic Adoration and a whole lot of confession.  In the afternoon Holy Mass was celebrated and presided by Father Stefano Aragno.  His homily delivered a powerful message of trust and love from a God who saves, liberates and heals.  He explained how the presence of the Madonna has been a fundamental characteristic of Cenacolo since its existence and it is with Mary that hearts have been open to the joy and peace found from a new found life.
Sunday morning was reserved for Father Pierino Ghi, a Jesuit from Cuneo, who guided us in Eucharistic Adoration.  The festivities concluded in the afternoon with Holy Mass presided by the Bishop of Saluzzo, Monsignor Giuseppe Guerrini who called us all to be “neighbors” as the gospel of the “Good Samaritan” proposes to us.
Friday evening a rendition of the “Prodigal Son” took stage and Saturday evening ended with an extraordinary biblical performance “Do Not Be Afraid”.  Both representations deserve a strong round of applause for their script, music, dances and brave and risky stunts.
We must give our gratitude to all those who worked “behind the scenes”, on the “front lines” and anywhere in between from guest relations, public order, food preparation, public transit, liturgical celebration, joyful and fraternal hospitality and the overall general organization of an event that, in fact, is the largest and most international that our city of Saluzzo has ever seen.
The joy of Mother Elvira, in her humility and simplicity, was to give witness to these things that she never even dreamt could happen.  When just 24 years ago, on this beautiful hill, she found only thorns and ruins in an empty, abandoned house . . . today she finds that through the power of faith life has been renewed and is dressed in its entire splendor.

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