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From "Walking towards light"
Nunzia, little sweet “Nunzietta” (pg.87)
I would really like to spend a peaceful day with you and Simone,walking in the woods here around,talking, talking and loving each other.
I wish you could know how long I have had this wish for, my little one,and how much I have cried  thinking that you would get lost in the world.
Thank you Jesus, this is a miracle;even if we never meet again here one day we will be together for ever!Jesus I want to be like You so that she can be like I am, because she has always followed me.
I would like to be a saint example,a living Bible before her eyes: an exemple that leaves a good  memory,a good thought full of tenderness and love.
Jwesus, let her love me as Chiara loved Francesco because she suffered a lot because of my mistakes and bad teaching.
And you, little Simone I wish you could know how many times, when I was in the USA,admiring the ocean with its wide beaches, full of seaglls looking for shellfish,oysters or fish that the sea had left on the shore, or when I was in Georgia, in the cotton fields with Kenny,in his village where I was the only white man among blacks and then bush-Garden with its rollercoaster, the fastest in the USA,the highest,I suppose,or in Disney World or in Cape Kennedy with its spaceships…well many times I said to myself” I must take Simone here”. Maybe if God wants to give me few years more…
It’s right to have a dream in our heart,isn’t”little one”? A dream where the three of us join my Clearwater friends, Big Bear Sandy, Shannon and all the others I bear in my heart,at sunset : you and mum have never watched such a view,on the Clearwater beach.after a swim  in the clean and warm ocean water and then a hamburger and….but it is only a dream.
But the love I bear to you is not a dream and I wish you to follow Jesus for ever, in sorrow and in joy.
Good night “little ones”.

To be the Joy of the Holy Spirit (pg.120)
I’m better every day.What for? To be the Joy of The Holy Spirit and to bring this joy and peace, with acts of fortitude,to any person who visits me. Father Gasparino and father Pino have just left: they brought me a wave of Holy Spirit. One day, a few Months ago,They gave me the Extreme Unction: it was not accompanied by the sadness of death but by the hope of life.After the rites Father Gasparino told me to let him know if something positive would happen inside me! Here it is: since then I lived tremendous moments full of fear,but when my life seemed to have come to an end because I was unable to react, something beautiful happened to push me up.This” something “is  the Saint Unction that starts the”over-drive” when the engine “forgets” that the Holy Spirit is  the “over-drive”.
God’s Spirit, any act of  Yours looks for peace. Help me to be a man who never gets lost in the selfishness of his satisfaction.
Open my soul so that I can  be closer and closer to You!

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