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Gilberto and Nicola

Gilberto  |  Nicola  | 

Among the men and women  from any time that have found  out “the treasure” of their lives there were some special boys who left a luminous trail in our Community. They had crumbled to pieces after a life full of mistakes and sorrow, they were sad and desperate .But they believed seriously in God,in friendship and praying before Jesus they discovered the great value of their lives.
In the Community they have met God,they have followed Him till the end never turning back.They became witnesses of Light and Hope for those who shared the walk from “darkness to Light”.
The went up to Heaven blessing and asking to be forgiven, encouraging and cheering up anyone who met them.
They are “our Saints”,the Cenacolo in heavens that celebrates with the Father and  intercedes with all those youth  who are still sad and lost,far from God’s Love.
Some of them left us some writings,simple words coming from their hearts to tell us what they were living  in the last months of their earthly pilgrimage.
You’ll find here some pages from those writings: if we read them we will feel called to saintity, we will be able to try to become saints because we will be enlightened, recovered and helped by the Holy Spirit that fills the universe and lives in the heart of any child of God.

Gilberto was 41 when he entered the Community,he was one of the first addicts and had spent 23 years on the roads looking for drugs,freedom…Then at a certain moment,when he was totally desperate he went to Medjugorie,up the Podbrodo,in a moment of hard drug shortage.On the hill where the Madonna appears someone gave him a card with the address of our Community and told him:”Go there and you will be saved” ...(More).

Nicola’s eyes  showed the sadness and loneliness he experienced in his family. Deep childhood wounds,screams,violence, anger,pain from his family.At 14 he left home hoping to escape from his pain and anger against his father but he fell into an even worse despair:alcohol,drugs,heroin and then HIV positive.
In the  Community Nicola met God  and in His Light; forgiving and being forgiven,he devoted all his life to God.He used to say:”If God recovers me I’ll go to Brazil to help the homeless children, my life is there.” ...(More).

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