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Finding out that our daughter was taking drugs was a tragedy for both of us, but now we are realizing that the problems existed before, that  our family's way of life had had great importance to our  daughter,it was the beginning of her discomfort.
Finding out her addiction was a cross that suddenly fell on us and in that moment I felt terrible as a father:I was full of anger, first of all seeing my daughter's despair;then I was angry with myself because I was a failure as a father;I felt guilty and full of anguish when I thought back to my past as a father and as a husband. Now that my daughter is in the Community I am sure that a miracle is being performed both for her and for us as a family. A new hope was born to all of us after having accepted with faith all that Mother Elvira and the Community tell us and after having met the girls that had welcomed my daughter.
One day I enquired one of the girls about her conditions when she had entered the Community and she answered that she was much worse than my daughter.In that moment I felt light hearted and  I started to commit myself to them and the Community,even though it was hard to believe in what they proposed:it was far beyond reason,unbelievable...but thinking about the experience lived by those people I couldn't help following the walk  proposed by the Community.
The greatest miracle was that my daughter was sent to Lourdes and the day I took her there, in front of  that Madonna I had never seen before and I would have never dreamed of seeing because my job,my success and my presumption  couldn't allow me “to lower” so much,well before that Madonna I prayed a chapelet in tears,watching all my life pass before me,a life without true values and serious engagements other than my job and showing off. I must thank the Cenacolo Community for what they have done and are doing;this change occurred inside of me and is still going on.I still have lots of difficulties but now I feel strong and capable to face them in my everyday life.

I would like to address myself to the mothers and parents that feel desperate in this very moment because I want to cry the joy of having met the Cenacolo Community;I would like to address myself  to the parents that don't realize that their son/daughter is feeling bad:sometimes you don't realize it because they lie and we,in a silly way, believe him/her because we trust him/her:you would never think them able to do such things so:open your eyes! To be honest we had tried to solve our problem with a psychologist,hospitals and so on; they all told me to take it easy but they were all failures and I didn't accept them.Then at last we saw a light,we met the Community; the mums of other youth used to tell me :”Get on your knees and pray,prayer will support you,will help you” and I answered:”This is absurd!Yes,I can pray,I have always prayed,but...”.Then I started to do like them:I prayed with my heart.I cried my desperation to the Madonna, I asked for Her help and little by little I felt supported and confident.
The great strength that this Community has given me and us as man and wife stands in being confident,in not feeling afraid,in committing ourselves to Jesus. We went to Lourdes and then to Medjugorje and in both places I strongly felt the presence of Mary and the great gift that she has given us through the Community:meeting other parents and praying with them.Praying together before the icon of the “Mother of Tenderness” that visits all our houses in turns was and is a great source of peace and hope. The strength of our family today is believing that, notwithstanding the failures,temptations,the anger that we have lived for not having been able to save our daughter by ourselves,we have found the Love of God that has saved us.

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