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Thursday, July 13, 2006                              

                                   Mother Elvira’s Welcome
I send you all a warm welcome from the hill of peace, which we also can call the hill of miracles. We ourselves continue to be amazed at what occurs in our home.  We have believed in the Love that God has for us, and we continue to believe in all of you, because only Love can transform the heart, the mind, and the life of each person.  There is a hidden life within us, which we sometimes silence, and reject, thus resisting that life.  In doing so, we cannot manifest the fruits of an existence that welcomes and lives with love and for love.
Our God is Love, but to understand that Love and to place ourselves inside it with boundless trust, we must stop just waiting around to be loved and, instead, take the initiative ourselves to transmit small gestures of love.
You will have victory over the resistance if you discover within yourself a heart that beats for others, a life that gives itself in total gratuity, and a love that is clean and pure.
We do not have to wait for anything more, because we already have everything.  We have encountered and welcomed Love. Every one of us is born for Love, in Love, and to live this Love, so that those whom we love might be saved. I always think of those husbands whose wives have left them, because the husbands betrayed them.  A true woman experiences herself as the wife, even if her husband has a lover! She does not leave him, but remains in her place.  Her love, her trust in him, and her dignity as a woman give her the capacity to persevere, continuing to wash his shirts, to iron them well, and to prepare dinner for him.  I always say to our young women who are married, that even if their husbands repeatedly bring the same work colleague to dinner, they must welcome her, invite her to make herself comfortable, and prepare dinner for the three of them. In time the husband will leave his “lover” and return to his wife, because she has overcome with Love. It is the Love that responds to the true and profound desires of the other person.
We need to love, bless, and pray even for those who hurt us.  At times it is difficult to love right away, but the key is to say, “May God bless you,” as soon as that person comes to mind. Let’s say it even if we still feel angry, especially at the beginning, so that when we meet this person again, we’ll repeat in our hearts, “May God bless you and grant you all the graces that you ask from Him. May all of your desires be fulfilled.”  The Lord is moved by our effort to love….and it changes the other person! I am happy to have you all here; yet another time, we shall witness miracles. The Lord wants to pour out upon us so much grace, peace, unity, and ability to forgive. We cannot be at peace if our hearts are not serene. When we desire peace, we must search for it in ourselves and cut off that obstacle that blocks peace, which is called resentment.  Let us commit ourselves to want to forgive! Let’s live these days well. We ask the Lord to fill us with his peace, to give it to every person who will come up to this blessed hill, and to all the families, because the children and adolescents need to live in peace. We will help you all to pray well that these days may be rich with blessings.

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