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 Living the Community in the World

There are many friends, lay persons and families, who follow and frequent the community, freely sharing the Community’s spirituality, service, and mission but also remaining within their environment of family life and work. They are available for the service of the Community with their human and professional abilities as well as searching within their daily lives for opportunities to act as yeast of evangelical life and helping those in need.

Some of them spend time in short periods in the Community or in the missions according to their availability, sharing with the girls and guys and with the children the life of the community and all that it entails.

They concretely help Cenacolo by organizing craft projects in the different houses of Community. These finished crafts are put on display to be sold at different craft fairs, testimonies, and meetings. This is done to spread the message of the reality of Cenacolo, and to gather concrete help for the various Community needs.

They don’t have any specific ties, but the Community organizes for them a day of prayer, sharing, and friendship in order for them to  mature in a responsible walk of faith.

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